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Transform Your Property Into the Personal Paradise You’ve Always Imagined with a Custom Landscape Designed by Southeast Michigan’s Leading Experts

Landscaping has the ability to take a home from bland and boring, to exciting and visually appealing. With the right landscaping you can turn your backyard into an oasis that is perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing after a hard day at work. At Imperial Landscaping, we understand that landscape design is something that has come a long way in the past few decades, and we can now offer you more options than ever before.

From landscape design, construction, and installation, to the proper care of plants and features after the landscaping is complete, we can help you get the yard you always dreamed of. We proudly service Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Farmington, South Lyon, and the surrounding areas, and our landscape designers are standing by to discuss what type of overall look you want, what plants you like, what the scope of your project is, and other basics needed to get the ball rolling.

Landscape Design & Installation Livonia MI | Imperial Landscaping  - beyond1Landscape Design & Installation Livonia MI | Imperial Landscaping  - landscape-design-and-installationProfessional Landscape Installation Services

After initial planning phases, we will discuss what type of garden design you want, as well as what type of sodding, trees, shrubs, and flowers you might like in your overall design. Though you can plant a tree or a shrub yourself, without a professional landscaping contractor, you may run into issues that result in dead or unhealthy plant life.

At Imperial Landscaping, we do so much more than simply plant your flowers. Through careful consideration, our landscapers will work with you to create the design you want, while planting those plants that will flourish in your area, work well with one another, and create the most beautiful display you have ever seen.

We will also help with drainage, sustainability, and teaching you how to care for plants after they have been installed. Hiring a professional company like Imperial Landscaping takes the guesswork out of your landscaping needs and allows you the chance to be creative without having to worry if this or that is going to go right.

Landscape Design & Installation Livonia MI | Imperial Landscaping  - beyondoWe Go Beyond Traditional Landscaping

Traditionally, good landscaping has the potential to help raise your curb appeal, raise the overall value of your home, and make living in your home more enjoyable. With the right landscaping, anyone can have that picture perfect home they have always been looking for without having to move.

Landscapers have the ability to make a home look picture perfect, and do so in a way that keeps on giving the gift of beautiful plants, edging, and other features that are going to have your home looking manicured and perfect each and every time.

At Imperial Landscaping, we can help you have the landscaping of your dreams without the hassle and added stress that doing it yourself can create. If you’re in the Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Farmington, South Lyon, or the surrounding areas and are looking for professional landscaping services, contact Imperial Landscaping today to find learn more about services and to begin discussing plans for beautifying your landscape.

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation to discuss your vision with a landscaping and hardscaping expert!